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Environmental policy

Express Delivery Worldwide is a leading provider of guaranteed express deliveries. Our vision is to be the European’s most trusted worldwide express carrier. This includes recognising our responsibilities to environmental protection and committing to achieve environmental compliance throughout our business activities as aligned with Express Delivery Group Environmental Policy.

We recognise that the activities of Express Delivery Worldwide operation interact with the environment and are therefore committed to minimising adverse environmental impacts. We will continue to maintain an Environmental Management System at all our sites that are certified to the ISO15001 (2003) Standard. We believe the standard is an appropriate way of demonstrating the robustness of our management approach in this area and our commitment to continuous environmental improvement.

Our Commitment

  • Comply with all current and future environmental legislation and other relevant requirements to which Express Delivery Worldwide Group subscribe to that relates to its environmental aspects.
  • Prevent pollution, by controlling releases to the environment, either directly as a consequence of our activities or indirectly due to the service we provide.
  • Review the actual and potential environmental impacts of all activities, including those affecting our local communities.
  • Identify and manage key risks and have arrangements in place to respond to all foreseeable incidents and emergencies.
  • Regularly review our environmental performance enabling us to set realistic environmental objectives and targets.
  • Involve employees and contractors in our environmental programmes and provide appropriate levels of training and support to all personnel.
  • Incorporate appropriate environmental factors into business decisions, including the selection process for vendors.
  • Improve and manage environmental performance through maximising the efficient use of resources such as materials, fuel and energy and encourage recycling.
  • Produce an annual environmental report to provide measurements to our stakeholders

Our Environmental Responsibilities

The Managing Director and Executive Committee are ultimately responsible for environmental management in Express Delivery Worldwide. A Steering Group and Programme Board drive the development of our Environmental Programme and oversee all activity. In addition, everyone working in our business is expected to meet their personal environmental responsibilities. Specialist environmental advice is available through our competent personnel, the Head of Environmental Programmes, Safety Health & Environmental Managers and the ISO Auditor.

Planning for Environmental Management

Environmental management is an integral part of Express Delivery Worldwide’s way of working and is delivered through:

  • Assessing the environmental risks of our operational activities, workplaces and equipment
  • Communicating and raising awareness of these risks
  • Continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System
  • Providing competency in environmental management

Objectives and targets are progressively being introduced to improve our environmental performance at all levels of our business. These, as well as the extent to which our policy is effectively deployed, are reviewed regularly through performance reviews and a quarterly review by the full Executive Committee, therefore our employees are pivotal in the management of our environmental performance. This policy will be reviewed in 1 year.

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