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Truck Shippiing

Express Delivery transport won’t “nickel and dime” you. Instead, we will give you door-to-door delivery and pickup

Boat Shippiing

 We offer trustworthy, efficient and affordable boat and yacht transporting services.

Plain Shippiing

Ship and track parcels and packages and learn about our express delivery courier services.


Tracking Freight

Here’s the fastest way to check the status of your shipment. No need to call Customer Service – our online results give you real-time, detailed progress as your shipment speeds through the Express Delivery network.


The easy way to keep you and your customer informed about the transit of all your parcels, documents, and pallets.

To allow you as well as your customer to stay well informed about the progress of your consignments, you can use this Track your parcel option.

Sandra Cage
Sales Manager

“I emailed several documents to Mando and he printed them all out and got them delivered before our deadline.”

unnamed (6)
Marketing Manager

“I called Special Delivery and they took care of everything. They moved a truckload of equipment in just a couple hours!.”



Daniel Jang

“I stopped worrying when I found you guys.”

Hanyu Pinyin

“One phone call & my court filings were handled in multiple states.”

Jenny Knowles
Product Manager

“I had several jobs to get out late on a Friday night and Karen got them all done fast. Thanks!”

Vic Mason
“My name is Vic and I am the district manager for Ecolab. I have been working with Express Delivery for about 3 years. I just want to say they do a great job of servicing us and their delivery officers are great.
Andrew Jayden
General Manager

I would like to possibly use Express Delivery Trucking again. Please give me a call or send me whatever paperwork I need to complete for future business. Once again, thanks to Chuck and his team for a smooth delivery!”

Ryan Jackson

“My company needs a rush courier to deliver a package for us to the Indianapolis airport. Express Delivery made it easy to get set up with all the required documentation, and have recently taught us how to place all of our orders on their online system.

Eli Sebastian

“Great Service!!”

WeChat Image_20180613192030

最初, 我不相信, 直到我得到了我的包裹快递快递

Hei Ryung

당신의 좋은 서비스를 위한 급행 납품을 감사 하십시오

Abdul Ajman

أحب خدمتك فانه يظهر لديك عملائك في القلب


With express delivery, we were able to service our customers without a hitch. I say the express delivery company and their delivery team are true partners. Thanks!

Why Choose Us

At Express Delivery, air freight is what we do best. For over two decades, Express Delivery has supported mission-critical, time-sensitive shipments to remote and challenging destinations across the globe. We’ve earned the trust and respect of military leaders, governments, captains of industry and front-line responders by delivering cargo with unmatched agility and speed when lives and missions are endangered. Over the years we have proven one thing time and time again – we go above and beyond to deliver what our clients need, regardless of the challenge.

Our air freight fleet includes 747-400 BCF cargo planes, operating in strategic locations throughout the Americas, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. This global presence enables us to move quickly and facilitate rapid retrieval and delivery to nearly anywhere in the world in less than 12 hours door-to-door. When time is of the essence, Express Delivery is an indispensable partner.

When a customer comes to us with a request, we make it happen. As a result, we have developed advanced capabilities handling types of cargo that other carriers just won’t touch. We have experts transporters, and our certified professionals have the training and experience to handle even the most sensitive items. Whether we’re moving essential aircraft parts, temperature-controlled medical supplies, or armored military vehicles, Express Delivery is the trusted, proven carrier for clients who need it there yesterday.



Express delivery services differ from ordinary mail delivery services, provided by the postal system, in terms of the values they add such as (a) door-to-door service, (b) convenient timings of pickups and deliveries, (c) guaranteed time-bound delivery, (d) reliability of service, (e) safety and security of consignments, (f) track and trace facilities for visibility of consignments during shipping, (g) proof of delivery and (h) 24×7 call centre facilities for handling of queries.
Consumer Goods

good delivery experience is a key part of keeping our customers.

Chemical Goods

We have established carrier of Dangerous Goods.

Food and

We understand it is essential that they arrive as quickly as possible, without the risk of cross-contamination or damage.

Energy, Oil
and Gas

We ensure your collections and deliveries are dealt with safely and securely at all times.

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